OSRAM campaign takes on largest MOT failure

Faulty lamps, reflectors and electrics responsible for 15 per cent of MOT failures

Automotive lighting specialist, OSRAM, has begun a campaign to promote vehicle roadworthiness and tackle the largest MOT failure, lighting.

Faulty lamps, reflectors and electrics are responsible for 15 per cent of MOT failures, DVSA figures show.

With the MOT test currently extended due to the coronavirus pandemic, OSRAM has published consumer advice that contributes to keeping a vehicle roadworthy and drives business into independent garages.

The use of motor transport has been increasing since Easter, and motorists need to be aware that they can be fined up to £2500, be banned from driving and get three penalty points for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition.

In line with government advice, lights, indicators and reflectors must all be functioning correctly and be properly adjusted to prevent dazzling other road users.

OSRAM is strongly recommending changing bulbs in pairs and encouraging garages to take advantage of these profit opportunities.

Both headlights are subject to the same stresses, so they’ll both be deteriorating together.

Replacing just one failed bulb can result in an unbalanced or unpredictable headlight beam that can cause serious hazards for you and other drivers.

A vehicle is designed so that it works best when both headlights are functioning equally.

OSRAM recommends that all lights on a vehicle should be checked regularly, including headlights, stop, tail and reversing bulbs.

As part of its new campaign, “If it’s not bright, it’s not right”, it is advising motorists that headlights will degrade over time and, as a result, night time vision will be reduced.

OSRAM tests show that a standard halogen bulb loses 30 per cent of brightness after 500 hours of use – therefore it makes sense to be proactive when it comes to checking that all the lighting applications are functioning and operating as they should be on a vehicle.

With the average age of vehicles increasing in the UK, it is essential that lights are regularly checked and replaced.

The campaign is also promoting the benefits of upgrading to a better vehicle bulb, one that is both brighter and whiter.

This has proven to effectively reduce fatigue and assist vision on the road, keeping motorists and other members of the public safe.

For motorists living in more rural areas, where a number of roads are often unlit, upgraded lighting is particularly useful and so it is important that garages and workshops offer motorists a choice of upgrade lighting options.

OSRAM has expanded its online bulb replacement guide.

For cars, bikes and trucks, users simply select their vehicle from the drop-down menus before arriving at the bulb required, which includes product options, features and images.

To find out more information on how you can keep your customers vehicle lighting roadworthy, click here.


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