OSRAM LIGHTsignal LED and HALOGEN BEACON LIGHTS shine a light in hazardous situations

Three-point mounting system allows beacon to be securely mounted vehicle roof

OSRAM has introduced the LIGHTsignal LED and halogen beacon lights as part of its specialist range of warning lights to help drivers be clearly seen in dangerous situations.

The OSRAM LIGHTsignal HAL is a 360° rotating halogen amber beacon that can be mounted on vehicles with unusual widths, length or load, as well as on emergency vehicles, command vehicles and accident assistance vehicles to draw attention to a hazard in road traffic or in the working environment.

The beacon is suitable for 24V vehicles and offers a versatile option thanks to the robust and functional design.

The OSRAM LIGHTsignal HAL includes a high-quality OSRAM H1 halogen bulb with up to 1900 lumens and 2200 Kelvin, ensuring improved visibility no matter the time of day or night.

Thanks to its non-slip, shock-absorbing rubber base, the warning light from OSRAM is par-ticularly resistant to vibration.

At the same time, the fully rubberised base contributes as a seal between the product and the underground.
To reduce and prevent dirt from accumulating on the beacon, the OSRAM LIGHTsignal HAL uses a smooth surface on the housing.

With the help of a special texture inside the housing and through the highly polished para-bolic reflector, an efficient and effective light output is generated, producing high luminosity.

It has been tested in OSRAM’s DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 certified environmental simulation laboratory for extreme external influences in terms of water, dust, heat and cold and has been validated with IP protection class IP65.

The LIGHTsignal LED beacon lights has many of the same features and benefits as its halogen counterpart, as well as offering a low power consumption, making it suitable for use over a long period of time.

The product provides high efficiency lighting thanks to eight long-life high-power LEDs with up to 1900 Kelvin and 1200 Lumen.

Due to the compact and modern design, the beacon offers different application possibilities and a high flexibility since this is compatible with both 12V and 24V vehicles.

As well as offering protection class of IP65, the OSRAM LIGHTsignal LED also offers IK08.

The integrated thermal management system regulates the temperature of the LED light and can prevent damage from overheating.

The polarity protection inhibits incorrect polarity reversal in the power supply and can thus avert possible damage, due to the automatic shutdown of the LEDs.

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