OSRAM Night Breaker Laser bulbs get Auto Express award

150 per cent brighter and 20 per cent whiter light compared to minimum legal standard

Lighting specialist OSRAM has received a ‘Commended’ award in the Auto Express 2021 Product Awards for its Night Breaker Laser 150 bulbs in the headlamp bulb category.

The OSRAM Night Breaker Laser 150 range of automotive upgrade halogen bulbs provide more light and improved visibility that can help drivers identify and react to traffic hazards quicker.

Standout features also include the highly engineered filament, as they enable the bulbs to shine up to 150 per cent brighter, while providing up to a 150-metre long beam and 20 per cent whiter light compared to the minimum legal standard.

Terri Clark, lighting marketing manager at OSRAM said: “Being recognised by Auto Express as a top contender in the headlamp bulb category is a great proving ground for our long-established Night Breaker range.

“Stocking award-winning and highly commended brands, such as OSRAM, can be a great boost for motor factors, as motorists are heavily influenced by what the experts say about a product, and accolades like the Auto Express Product Awards can help set the best products apart.

”Rigorous testing and honest reviews enable customers to make informed buying decisions when it comes to parting with their cash, and ensures motorists are using the right products when it comes to maintaining their vehicles.”

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