OSRAM product range shines at the UK Garage & Bodyshop Event 2022

Night Breaker 200 proved popular

OSRAM recently enjoyed a highly successful UK Garage and Bodyshop Event, experiencing a great deal of interest from visitors for its OE-quality standard and upgrade bulbs, as well as its workshop solutions bulb stands.

A particularly popular product was the Night Breaker 200, a halogen upgrade bulb that is up to 200 per cent brighter than required by law, significantly improving road illumination and safety.

Using cutting-edge technology, Night Breaker 200 delivers a powerful whiter light that up to three times brighter than a standard bulb and a light beam of up to 150 metres.

Visitors could also get a close-up look at its new mirrored chrome tip, sporting a modern feel.

The event offered OSRAM the perfect opportunity to showcase its leading Cool Blue Intense range of halogen and HID bulbs after recently being updated with a new look and enhanced features.

Combining power with style, the aesthetically-pleasing bulbs were certainly a hit with visitors to the stand.

There was also a lot of interest for OSRAM’s specialist selection of LED driving lights, designed to offer intense levels of illumination to help keep motorists driving safely through the night on-road or off-road.

The range offers a variety of performances, shapes and beam patterns, with various illumination profiles including spot, wide and combo.

The AVS bulb cabinet was also on display, enabling technicians to stock and store in-demand bulbs behind a counter or in a workshop for quick and easy access.

Terri Clark, lighting marketing manager at OSRAM, said: “It was great to be back meeting people face to face for the first time in a long time at the UK Garage and Bodyshop Event.

“We really enjoyed engaging with our customers, old and new, and of course end users as well, and showcasing all of our new products including LED light bars and bulbs.”

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