Parts Alliance support for NHS and local causes continues

Parts Alliance branches demonstrate their gratitude to local NHS hospitals and other local causes throughout the Covid-19 pandemic

The West Midlands is one of the most impacted regions in the outbreak, so staff from the company’s Midpoint distribution centre delivered a large quantity of Foxes biscuits to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham and the Worcester Hospital ICU.

Elsewhere, snack boxes that were originally intended for a promotion, which was been postponed due the Coronavirus, were given out by branches across the group.

Recipients included local NHS hospitals, medical services, food banks, hospices and children’s charities.

Branches have responded to shortages of protective equipment too.

In Maidstone the team at the SCMF branch donated urgently needed gloves to a local COVID-19 test site, whilst staff from GSF Leicester provided protective seat covers to a nearby hospital and the GSF Ipswich and Colchester branches collaborated to provide PPE to Allington NHS Clinic Community Care Workers and Midwives.

“Now more than ever the NHS, along with many charities need support,” said Simon Moore, head of marketing at The Parts Alliance.

“We were keen to show our immense appreciation for the dedication and hard work of these organisations through a variety of donations.”

To find out more about The Parts Alliance, click here.


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