Delphi Brake Pads Excel in Benchmark Tests

Restrictions are due to ease over the coming weeks, garages may see rises in servicing.

With lockdown restrictions due to ease over the coming weeks, starting with the re-opening of schools, car use is expected to start increasing. Under the circumstance’s garages may see rises in servicing, with motorist’s keen for cars that have stood dormant to undergo essential maintenance, as a return to more normal driving ensues.

As the need for replacement brake pads is often identified during a service, Delphi are keen for technicians to choose theirs pads. They highlight the results of recent benchmark tests that revealed their pads stopped quicker, were quieter and lasted longer than other competing brands as a good reason for doing so.

Delphi’s VW Passat 2.0 TSI pads were put to the test against six other leading aftermarket brands. At ECE Regulation 90 speeds of 100 mph, Delphi’s pads stopped the quickest, four meters ahead of the next placed brand and over 17 meters ahead of the worst. The vehicle fitted with Delphi Technologies pads stopped under control too, which wasn’t the case for all the brands tested. In technical terms this means the Delphi pads displayed a stable friction coefficient that performs like the OE.

Noise is one of the biggest issues for car drivers. On the noise index the Delphi pads recorded a near silent 9.6 and registered noise above the 70db threshold in only 0.1% of the tests. This is only once out of every 1000, and significantly below many vehicle manufacturers noise limits of 10%.

Finally, the Delphi pads lasted the longest too.  After 2140 stops, its front axle pad, where most of the braking is done, experienced the least wear with only 0.9 mm – lasting 33 percent longer than the next closest brand.

Julian Goulding, Delphi Marketing Manager Northern Europe believes the strong performance of their brake pads can be explained by attention to detail during design and manufacture.

“Take friction materials as an example. Developing the right material for the right application is critical. That’s why Delphi uses over 130 different friction ingredients to create 20 unique formulations, helping to ensure each pad closely matches the vehicle application,” says Julian. “Some aftermarket manufacturers use only one or two, resulting in an inevitable compromise in performance.”

Additionally, Delphi are constantly testing new formulations – more than 300, every year. They believe this continual development helps their pads stay ahead of the curve when it comes to vehicle performance.

“The shims, back plate, underlayer and friction surface are all subjected to the same level of intensive development criteria. That’s why Delphi pads meet the same standards of performance, consistency and longevity as the OE,” states Julian. 

To further emphasise the OE quality credentials of their brake pads, Delphi are participating in The Parts Alliance ‘Original Experience’ promotion. Running throughout March, the promotion gives technicians the chance to win Red Letter Days experiences. There’s over 20,000 instant win prizes to be claimed too, including snack packs, chocolate eggs, t-shirts, mugs and cool bags.

“The Parts Alliance has a long association with Delphi and we’re delighted such a respected automotive manufacturer is involved in our Original Experience promotion. When our customers choose Delphi this March, they can look forward to the chance of claiming amazing prizes, in addition to the assurance of fitting OE quality brake pads,” states Simon Moore, Head of Marketing. 

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