REPXPERT Academy Live proves a hit in Bridgend

Popular technical and business training event returns

Schaeffler’s REPXPERT Academy Live training event returned on Saturday 21 May, with a tremendously successful event held at Bridgend College STEAM Academy, where both professional vehicle technicians and garage owners took full advantage of a full day of comprehensive training sessions and workshop demonstrations.

The bespoke training included two Schaeffler technical sessions from REPXPERTs Simon Cooper and Tim Adams, delivering sessions on double clutch and timing belt drive systems respectively.

Business-focused advice was provided by special guests Hayley Pells and Tim Benson, who certainly got the attendees thinking with their ‘Pathway to EV’ and ‘Upsell your skillset’ sessions.

Schaeffler sales and marketing director, Matt Selby, said: “The purpose of our REPXPERT Academy Live events is to encourage workshops to stay ahead of the game in an ever-changing market.

“Our principal objective is to motivate both technicians and garage owners to become personally invested in improving both their technical and management skills in order to protect their reputations and the future of not only their individual businesses, but of the independent sector as a whole.

“We have been chomping at the bit to relaunch our Academy Live events, so as soon as all restrictions were removed, and the STEAM Academy offered us their amazing venue, we thought it was the right time to get back on the road.

“This decision was completely vindicated by the feedback we received from all those attending, along with the enthusiasm with which they embraced the training.

“The Academy Live format is a proven success, and with the great relationships we’ve developed with IMI affiliated colleges around the country, we now have a lot of options available to us in terms of excellent hosting venues.

“As this event was in the south, we will no doubt be looking to hold the next REPXPERT Academy Live in a more northerly region.”

Continuing the theme, REPXPERT and FAG Product Specialist, James Mainwaring said: “The STEAM lecture theatre provided a fantastic location to reintroduce the event, and provided a great opportunity for us to update technicians as to how they can better themselves and the services their garages offer.

“It was also clear that the attendees really took this on board and appreciated the help we can give them and the solutions we can highlight.”

REPXPERT and INA product specialist, Tim Adams, said: “It was brilliant today, with fantastic interaction as the attendees really wanted to get involved.

“It was a two-way street, and what was interesting was hearing how many had experienced the same problems that we were highlighting, which made it particularly nice to help them with solutions to these issues.”

Attendee Des Davis spoke for many of the delegates, saying: “The training was excellent and the information invaluable, as it’s vital to keep up to speed with the changes in technology, which are ever-changing.

“You can never learn too much, and as my goal is to make a first-time fix on all my work, you need as much knowledge as you can get.

“So, I’ll definitely come back, as I never want to see the same car in for the same repair.”

Rounding up the post-event feedback, guest speaker Tim Benson of Oldfields Garage said: “I was a little nervous speaking in front of my peers, but I had some really good feedback.

“My aim wasn’t to tell attendees what they should do, but highlight issues and share experiences and explain what we’ve done as we’ve gone through the stages of our journey.

“Everyone’s business is different, but it was good to be able to help others by demonstrating that raising standards is achievable and can ultimately lead to operating a better business.”

Information on Schaeffler products, fitting instructions, labour times and much more can be found on the REPXPERT workshop portal, the REPXPERT app, or by calling the Schaeffler REPXPERT hotline on 0872 737 0037.

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