Ring Automotive gives new recyclable packaging the green light

New packaging to be phased in with new part numbers issued for all parts in each range

Ring Automotive has announced that a whole host of its upgrade halogen bulb ranges will be launched in its new 100 percent recyclable packaging.

The Xenon200 bulbs were the first to be launched in Ring’s new packaging design towards the end of 2021, and now Ring is rolling out its new eco twin-pack design into other ranges, as it prepares for ‘lighting season’.

As part of these preparations, Ring has condensed its range of value added products (VAP) for halogen upgrade bulb types.

Terri Clark, Ring Automotive lighting marketing manager, said: “The roll out of the new packaging offered the perfect opportunity to slim down the ranges to a new core product offering, enabling us to provide customers with halogen upgrade bulbs of the highest quality, suitable for a wide range of popular vehicle applications.”

The ranges now consist of Brighter bulbs, including Xenon100, Xenon150 and Xenon200; Whiter bulbs including Xenon4000 and Xenon5000; and the products now available in Ring’s Off Road bulb range will include the SportzBlue and RallySport.

In particular, one of the most significant changes is the expansion of the Xenon150 range, with the introduction of the HIR2 (RX1512) bulb.

Clark added: “As a company, we are fully committed to introducing greener, cleaner and more sustainable alternatives wherever possible, and this new design and pack style reflects this.

“We’ve also carefully considered the packaging aesthetics and have created a bright and impactful design that will stand out on customer shelves.

“There are also subtle differences between the range packs in each category, including the Brighter, Whiter and Off-Road ranges, to ensure each one is easily identifiable.”

All the packaging is 100% recyclable and 100% plastic free, which is a first when it comes to packaging automotive headlight bulbs.

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