Ring bulbs pass independent test with flying colours

Strong pass secured in the latest bulb tests published in CAT and What Car? magazines

Ring’s long-life bulbs performed favourably compared to a range of bulbs from across the market, notably meeting all ECE standards and safety criteria where several other leading brands did not.

The test took the Ring Long Life H4 headlamp (part number RU472LL) – a popular reference for long distance and high mileage drivers – and compared against a range of H4 bulbs from other leading brands.

The long-life bulbs performed well, even when compared to high performance +130 bulbs, which are designed to put more light on the road.

Henry Bisson, marketing manager at Ring, said: “These tests are important for technicians and factors, because they give an objective view of which bulbs are meeting legal requirements and which aren’t.

“We’re delighted to say that Ring’s bulbs met the criteria that are used when carrying out E mark tests. Significantly, there were some big brands – described as staples of the garage tool set –whose bulbs did not meet the standards that ensure safe illumination when on the road.

“Lighting is a safety critical component, and as such it’s vital that factors and technicians are supplying bulbs that meet the ECE regulations and are performing well for drivers.”

To ensure driver safety, Ring is advising technicians and factors to fit bulbs that they can trust.

Read the full article and bulb test results, or find out more about Ring’s bulbs by clicking here.


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