Schaeffler showcases complete Fiat 500 clutch coverage

Complete clutch repair solutions with genuine components

The 500 has been a huge sales success for Fiat, so is also a potential regular visitor to the independent workshop.

Highlighting Schaeffler’s transmission system expertise, the original equipment (OE) manufacturer and technical partner to many of the world’s vehicle producers, offers the ideal clutch replacement solutions for both the 872cc and 964cc two-cylinder engined versions of all 500 models from July 2010.

The demands for improved driving comfort, performance, fuel consumption and reduced CO2 emissions mean that the Fiat 500 is fitted with complex, lightweight and vibration absorbing drive train components, which if damaged or worn can have a knock-on effect on all associated parts.

However, with Schaeffler’s genuine OE quality transmission components, drive train damage can be resolved quicky, efficiently and safely, by choosing from the comprehensive range of LuK complete repair solutions and single components.

The gold standard complete solution comes in the form of the LuK RepSet DMF (part number 600 0323 00), which includes everything needed to carry out a professional replacement, including the dual mass flywheel (DMF).

However, if a test and assessment of the DMF concludes that it is within wear tolerance parameters, then it doesn’t need replacing. In this situation, a LuK RepSet can be fitted (620 300 00).

Providing new service and repair opportunities for independent workshops is also a Schaeffler specialism, and its LuK GearBOX kit (462 0154 10) is a great example.

In-house gearbox renovation not only adds another string to the workshop’s bow, but can also make a significant contribution to its profits.

In common with its RepSets, LuK GearBOX repair kits have been specially developed to repair specific, high wear applications and contain all the parts necessary to carry out a complete and professional gearbox overhaul.

Naturally, installation instructions, videos and other support materials are all available through the REPXPERT portal.

Technicians can breathe easier, as they are fitting the same parts as delivered to vehicle manufacturers around the world for original fitment, which guarantees their quality, durability and performance.

They also benefit from the fact that LuK products are ‘All Inclusive’ – with everything needed for a complete and professional replacement included in the box, speeding the repair process with no hunting round for missing yet necessary components.

Information on Schaeffler products and systems, fitting instructions, labour times and much more can be found on the REPXPERT app, which is a free download for all iOS and Android devices workshop portal, or by calling the REPXPERT hotline on 0872 737 0037.

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