Smart tyre inflator first of many ‘smart’ Ring tools

Launch of new app represents ‘connected future’ for Ring tools and equipment

Ring Automotive has introduced Ring Connect app the new, ‘smart’ way for motorists to take control of their own vehicle safety and efficiency, putting an expert in their back pocketahead of rolling out a separate range of tools for mechanics.

After conducting extensive global research over the course of a year with 10 focus groups and more than 4000 hours of development, Ring Automotive recognised a significant shift in consumer behaviour, resulting in demand for instant access to useful and informative car maintenance advice.

The new app instantly connects to a range of compatible Ring products and provides car maintenance updates and reminders, making it easy for them to care for their vehicle, while improving their safety and driving experience, all at the click of a button.

Consumers simply need to download, register and link their vehicle to the Ring Connect app in order use all products in the new Smart range.

To coincide with the launch, the first product to enter the range is the ‘smart digital tyre inflator.’

Using the Ring Connect app and smart digital tyre inflator is simple: after registering their vehicle, the app then sends the tyre inflator the information it needs to inflate the tyres to the correct pressure for the user’s vehicle make and model.

It also remotely performs a leak detection test to ensure the tyres are safe and working to their optimum level.

All the motorist needs to do is confirm their tyre settings, connect to the Smart Tyre Inflator, sync and inflate.

The motorist will also receive updates, reminders and monitoring from the app to help avoid breakdowns, improve performance and ensure the vehicle stays in excellent condition for longer.

The new app provides Ring stockists and retailers multiple upselling and cross-selling opportunities as it will soon feature details of local stockists and garages when faults are detected.

Henry Bisson, marketing manager for Ring Automotive, said: “Consumers are more technically savvy than ever before and there has become a clear demand for smart devices.

“Homes have already become revolutionised with connected products, and now is the time to connect car products to help motorists maintain their vehicles in a smart way.

“After a year of research and development we have worked hard to understand and identify the latest customer wants and needs and we believe our new Smart range provides a practical and profitable solution.

“The Ring Connect App and Smart Digital Tyre Inflator are just the start; we will be releasing more products in the Smart range to connect with our new app throughout the year.”

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