Some motorists can no longer afford to drive as ULEZ introduced in London

The Mayor of London has launched the ULEZ (Ultra Low Emission Zone) in London, forcing many motorists off the road.

31 per cent of drivers have said they won’t be able to afford to drive in London anymore

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan has launched the UK’s first Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ), leaving many drivers without the funds to be able to drive.

Bikesure, a motorbike insurer, recently surveyed 1,000 commuters in London to find out how the ULEZ will impact them.

Among the questions, respondents were asked how the ULEZ will affect them.

Asked if they have changed or thought about changing their usual mode of transport in preparation for the ULEZ:

Changing mode of transport

  • 37 per cent of commuters have already changed their usual mode of transport
  • 46 per cent have thought about changing their usual mode of transport
  • 18 per cent will not be changing their usual mode of transport

Can’t afford to drive

  • 31 per cent of commuters won’t be able to afford to drive/ride in the ULEZ anymore
  • 32 per cent won’t drive/ride in the ULEZ as much as they used to
  • 29 per cent won’t be affected by the ULEZ
  • 7 per cent don’t know how it will affect them

How did they feel about the ULEZ?

  • 47 per cent of Londoners think it is a good idea and they don’t mind it being brought in
  • 45 per cent can understand the reasons, but feel frustrated by it
  • 8 per cent think it’s a bad idea

Find out more about the findings and the rest of the Bikesure survey by clicking here.

What do you think of the ULEZ? Is it necessary to combat the levels of C02 and nitrogen dioxide in the atmosphere, or does it pose a threat to the levels of business factors and garages can receive and deliver?

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