Eight top tips to encourage friendships in the workplace

Automotive industry charity Ben reports that people who have a ‘best friend at work’ are likely to be happier and healthier, as well as seven times as likely to be engaged in their job. 

What’s more, employees who report having friends at work have higher levels of productivity and job satisfaction than those who don’t.

They are also likely to be less stressed and more loyal to their company.

According to Ben, work is a great opportunity for people to meet friends, build a supportive network and even help beat loneliness, which is, sadly, a growing problem.

So if you think your workplace could do with a friendlier, more sociable atmosphere, here’s Ben’s top tips on how to achieve this:

  • Organise social activities and events, such as regular team lunches and celebrations
  • Encourage proper lunch breaks for better health and productivity, as well as providing bonding opportunities with colleagues
  • Create social spaces which allow people to socialise together at lunch times instead of eating a lonely sandwich at their desks
  • Welcome new starters with a buddy to encourage friendships between new and current employees
  • Keep remote workers involved by using the phone, Skype or video call to communicate with them instead of just emailing
  • Get different departments chatting to encourage more communication, co-operation and camaraderie between teams
  • Encourage face to face communication
  • Share Ben’s resources if you think anyone in your team could do with some tips about making friends in the workplace or outside of the workplace – how to make friends as an adult part one and part two

For more details, see the full blog on Ben’s website here.


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