Oil stock management simplified with new stock profiling tool, Comma says

Comma's consumer portal enables accurate matching of oil and grade needs for vehicles.

Tool designed to help factors and garages boost profits through the removal of stock wastage.

Factors can now profile the engine oils they need, in the relevant pack sizes, through a newly released stock management system based on location and the cars that are regularly serviced by garage factor customers.

Comma has developed the new tool by analysing data from 2mn lookups on its website, from right across the UK.

Factors and workshops can find their correct stock profile by entering their location, number of vehicles they service and, if they are a marque specialist, by selecting the make of vehicles they service.

Assisting workshops and distributors

Mike Bewsey, sales and marketing director of Comma, said: “The objective of Comma’s latest stock profiling tool is to assist both the distributor and workshop customer by utilising a staggering 2mn unique application lookups across the whole of the UK, to simplify oil stocking.

“This unique tool makes oil selection simple, meaning less capital is tied up by the workshop.

“Most importantly though, by using it in conjunction with Comma’s industry leading application systems, it ensures that the correct grade of oil is both stocked and fitted, giving complete peace of mind to the workshop and consumer in what is today a very complex market.”

Increase in profits

Comma has said the unique features of the stock profiling tool will maximise a workshop and factor’s overall servicing profits as it allows them to stock the correct oils, in the right pack sizes, meaning less waste and cash being tied up in stock of the incorrect oil grades.

The new stock profiling tool is completely bespoke and unique, according to Comma.

It is optimised to meet local needs for workshop satisfaction and, whilst working both on and offline across all mobile, tablet and laptop devices, the tool hopes to make it easier than ever to stock the correct products.

To find out more about Comma’s Stock Profiling Tool, please contact customer services on (0)1474 564 311 or email enquiries@uk.moovelub.com.

More information about Comma and its products is available by clicking here.


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