What make DENSO Iridium TT spark plugs so good?

TT Spark Plugs available in nickel and iridium, offering 83% car parc coverage throughout Europe

Since the introduction of Nickel TT in 2009 and Iridium TT in 2015, the range has continued to grow in popularity.

Spark plugs play an important role for vehicle manufacturers (VMs) as they respond to global legislation and seek to maximise engine efficiencies and minimise exhaust emissions.

For its part, DENSO has been setting the standard for spark plug technology since 1959 and is one of the world’s largest original equipment (OE) suppliers to VMs worldwide.

It also has a long-standing commitment to the aftermarket where it supplies OE quality products that are designed and manufactured in the company’s own QS 9000 and ISO 9000 certified factories throughout the world.

The DENSO Twin Tip or TT spark plug was originally developed for VMs for OE applications in 2003, with the original Nickel TT introduced for the aftermarket in 2009.

However, the range was boosted significantly in 2015, when the company introduced its Iridium TT plugs that feature the world’s smallest diameter iridium alloy centre electrode (0.4mm) and a platinum ground electrode of just 0.7mm diameter, which improves performance by up to 20% compared to conventional nickel spark plugs, as it allows the spark they generate to grow 360 degrees in all three dimensions.

This improves the ability of the fuel/air mix to both ignite and expand more quickly, maximising the amount of fuel that is burned during each combustion cycle and optimising engine performance and efficiency.

In addition to emission reductions and increased fuel economy, Iridium TT plugs provide better cold starting performance, which is an important factor for motorists as we enter the winter season.

They also deliver an extended lifespan of up to 120,000 km – more than three times that of a standard nickel plug, meaning they also make sense economically for owners looking to reduce their ongoing running costs, without jeopardising their vehicle’s reliability.

The Iridium TT is designed to deliver greater horsepower, improved torque and better fuel efficiency than any other spark plug on the market, resulting in faster starts, smoother idling and lower emissions, even when compared with OE manufactured equivalent products.

Additional benefits for both distributors and installers are that the entire Iridium TT range consists of just 19-part numbers and just 10 of these account for 97% of the total range coverage, which means that neither party has to make huge stock commitments to effectively cater for the relevant vehicle parc.

Today, the complete TT range is made up of 35-part consolidated numbers, 16 for Nickel TT and 19 for Iridium TT, which caters for 83% of the European car parc.

The offering is designed to provide independent technicians with the highest quality replacement parts and upgrades for the vehicle’s original fitted spark plugs.

DENSO has always been dedicated to enhancing automotive technology and bringing OE quality solutions to the independent aftermarket. The company’s TT range is evidence of this, delivering the ultimate in spark plug technology to cover most vehicle makes and models.

It is this advanced technology that levels the playing field between independent workshops and their VM franchised dealer counterparts, enabling professional technicians to access the most technical advanced vehicles parts, thus increasing customer confidence and loyalty.


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