Polyurethane bush myths: “They’re too expensive”

In the second of a three-part article Polybush look at another frequently mentioned myth…

“Polyurethane bushings are too expensive”

Polyurethane bushings are resistant to water, grease, ozone and road damage and will outlive rubber bushes by a considerable amount.

They are referred to as “fit and forget” products due to this huge longevity.

Our bushes have a long service life and their performance does not degrade over time and due to this do not need replacing like the rubber equivalents making Polybush a cost-saving option.

An example of the cost-saving potential is a solution created for West Midlands Ambulance, the vehicles were suffering from premature bush wear and the bushes were not available to buy separately.

Due to this, full replacements of anti-roll bars and leaf springs were being carried out on a regular basis.

Once the need of full replacements was illuminated, a cost saving of £700 on parts alone per vehicle became possible.

If you are new to polyurethane bushings and are unsure of what hardness to choose, then the Polybush website will guide and can recommend the relevant bush required for your application.


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