Ring reveals new easy-access bulb stand

Making it easy to select the correct bulb in a busy professional workshop

Ring Automotive is preparing for the MOT rush with a handy new bulb stand, providing technicians with easy access to its 12V bulb range.

Recognising that lighting and signalling is one of the most common failures of an MOT, Ring has launched its new BU175 pre-stocked bulb stand to provide technicians with a solution to having the most popular automotive bulbs at the point of installation.

Ring’s bulb stand is designed to be wall mounted and comes fully stocked with 175 bulbs – and includes 16 of the most popular, fast-moving references in single box, ensuring garages and workshops have every bulb they need close to hand for every job.

With over 40 years’ experience in vehicle lighting, Ring uses its expertise to bring the most popular bulb types to market for better, safer driving.

The new stand has been refreshed to include the most common and fast moving bulb types from Ring, including RB955 (W16W) replacement capless brake, indicator, reverse or rear fog bulb, RB580 (W21/5W) replacement capless W21/5W brake and tail bulb, RB582 (W21W) replacement capless brake, indicator, reverse or rear fog bulb and RB566 (P21/4W) replacement P21/4W fog or taillight bulb.

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