TEXA hosts electrics course for Icelandic customers

Successful candidates gain level 3 IMI Awards certificate.

TEXAEDU has hosted an ‘electrical and electronic systems and testing’ course for customers from Iceland.

The course is focused on electrical principles and testing, important for vehicle technicians to be able to correctly test, measure and diagnose electrical circuits for accurate fault diagnosis.

A TEXAEDU spokesperson said: “Using the skills learned from this course can save time and expense from costly incorrect diagnosis and component replacement.

“We use purpose built electrical and electronic test boards the same as that are used by many of the world leading vehicle manufacturers training colleges.

“These enable many of the circuits found on modern vehicles to be created quickly and easily tested.”

All training courses are IMI accredited and include a test at the end with a 73 per cent pass mark.

After successful completion of the course, candidates are able to accurately use a multimeter, have a good understanding of how electrical circuits are made up and understand how to properly test them.

They will also gain knowledge of electrical and electronic vehicle components, the operating principals and how to test and diagnose them.

For more dates on the course, email edu.uk@texa.com and for details on all available courses, click here.


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