Valeo reveals strength in vehicle electrification and ADAS with new tech platforms

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Firm set to increase average parts per vehicle and deepen resilience in face of “an uncertain market environment”.

Valeo’s management team has revealed the group’s successful transformation and presented 12 new key technological platforms that are cementing its leadership in the fields of vehicle electrification and ADAS at its Investor Day on December 10, 2019.

The team described the growth opportunities derived from the sharp increase in Valeo’s average content per vehicle, the Group’s organization and operational efficiency, as well as setting financial objectives through 2022.

The powertrain systems and comfort and driving assistance systems business groups presented their new technological platforms, positioning with regards to the competition and in the value chain and key commercial achievements.

Valeo’s chairman and chief executive officer, Jacques Aschenbroich said: “In 2017, we clearly announced our innovation strategy and intention to invest heavily in new technological platforms.

“We maintained these investments despite the downturn in the automotive market, and they have now been realized, enabling us to profoundly transform our product portfolio and to reinforce our leadership in vehicle electrification and ADAS, the two automotive market segments that are set to witness the fastest growth over the coming years.

“These technological platforms provide us with a competitive edge by creating high barriers to entry, allowing us to sharply increase our average content per vehicle and deepen our resilience in the face of an uncertain market environment, while at the same time reducing our research and development and capital expenditure as a proportion of sales.

“Between now and 2022, we are aiming to outperform the automotive market by 5 percentage points, widen our margins and double our free cash flow generation.”

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