Valeo’s AquaBlade now available for Ford S-Max and Galaxy

New OE wiper blade is now only available in the aftermarket through Valeo Service

Valeo’s Silenciowiper blade range will be enhanced with the addition of the latest Valeo AquaBladeOE wiping system for the new Ford S-Max and Galaxy 07/2018 >.

Safety is improved, as the Valeo AquaBladeenhances wiping efficiency thereby improving driver safety with 4 meters saved on braking distance when driving at 50km/h.

Offering wiping performance at high speed, the asymmetrical spoiler enables a perfect and even pressure across the windshield.

The system helps improving the cleaning performance of the wipers while using half the fluid of conventional systems.

Overall system weight is reduced too – the Valeo AquaBladewiping system is so precise that it halves the amount of fluid used, reducing the average weight of the system by 2kg, and COemissions by 0.2g.

To find out more contact your Valeo BDM by clicking here.


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