ZF Smart Service to transform diagnostics

Aftermarket business says it’s well prepared and ahead of the curve when it comes to megatrend solutions.

ZF Aftermarket says that its Smart Service app will, in the future, allow mechanics to carry out reliable vehicle diagnoses and basic maintenance, such as replacing brakes or resetting steering angle sensors (SAS), using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Extremely simple to use and operate, the Smart Service app is loaded to a mobile device, the device is connected using the vehicle’s OBD interface and they communicate via Bluetooth.

Having been successfully piloted in the UK, the next step is to introduce this innovative product to the wider UK market, followed by a European and then global launch.

Martyn Houghton, senior manager IAM at ZF Aftermarket, explains: “We know that in the past, many independent workshops have shied away from investing in expensive stationary diagnostic units.

“With ZF Smart Service, we have developed a particularly efficient workshop tool, a digital screwdriver, if you like, that no tool box should be without.”

Well prepared and ahead of the curve when it comes to providing solutions for megatrends such as mobility, safety, efficiency and autonomous driving, the business understands that with vehicles growing smarter and customers more demanding, the job of the workshop is becoming significantly more complex.

ZF Aftermarket believes that empowering and enabling the technicians of today with the correct tools, support and know-how will help secure the integrity of the aftermarket of tomorrow, benefitting all players.

Tailor-made product and service portfolios

Passionate in ensuring the modern technician is well-equipped to cope with the changing landscape, ZF Aftermarket delivers technical support, information & training through its ZF [pro]Tech workshop concept.

“We will see an increase in electrically powered vehicles and transportation systems that are highly automated or even driving autonomously, especially in urban environments,” explains Wayne McCluskey, technical training manager, ZF Aftermarket.

“As a manufacturer of the accompanying products in OE quality, we have first-hand knowledge. We designed a high-voltage (HV) training concept at an early stage – and have watched this become a bestseller in our comprehensive training program portfolio.”

The training gives workshop employees the necessary key competencies to master the complex range of topics surrounding future technology.

ZF Aftermarket’s modular blended learning concept ensures optimal success whilst reducing attendance time and lowering costs.

The training course offer is continuously updated in line with market need, and July 2019 will see the debut of: ‘Introduction to Electrical Engineering’.

Another new addition to the ZF [pro]Tech family is ‘start’.

Complementing, yet operating independently of the training courses, ZF Tech ‘start’ is a technical support and information hub which is available to garages via distributors for an affordable, one-off fee.

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