Temporary recruitment the answer for workshops with staff shortages, expert says

Autotech Recruit managing director offers advice to garage owners faced with staff shortages and high levels of demand

Recruitment specialist for the automotive aftermarket, Autotech Recruit is advising garage owners on the benefits of temporary recruitment which can prevent businesses losing thousands of pounds a day in revenue from an empty bay.

Gavin White, managing director at Autotech Recruit said: “While many businesses will go through periods of economic highs and lows, ultimately, demand will follow a similar pattern.

“March and September are traditionally both busy months for MOT’s, plus the record car sales of 2015 and 2016 will see a large quantity of vehicles, as they come out of the manufacturer’s warranty period, needing MOT testing and servicing over the forthcoming 12 months.

“Garages need to ensure that they have the manpower to manage increased demand, and any holiday or training absences, as an empty ramp will of course have a negative impact on profit potential.

Empty workshop bays

“Faced with the hard fact that empty bays could mean a financial hit of around £3,000 per day, the situation is brought into stark reality and suddenly the issue becomes a proactive matter.

“Through evolving technology, and the rising number of electric vehicles entering the market, highly skilled technicians are increasingly in demand by garages and dealerships, and there is a growing pool of proficient candidates ready to fill workforce deficits on a temporary basis.”

However, Gavin warns that recruiting such technicians is a case of first come, first serve and explains that “a garage won’t necessarily recruit a temporary worker, who is proficient in electric vehicles, for instance, if they need cover the following day.”

He said: “It requires a more joined up approach, a review of the previous year’s activities and the trends shaping the industry, while looking at optimum capacity.

“If you had to turn business away during a particular month last year but were left with an un-manned bay, chances are the same will happen this year.

“Additional £12,000 a month profit”

“Having the flexibility to say yes and ensure that all bays are full could mean at least an additional £12,000 a month profit.

“Testament to this is a leading car manufacturer who employed two of our temporary technicians to cover a workforce shortfall, one for four days, while the second technician covered nine days.

“Combined, the temporary technicians accrued over £6,000 in labour profit alone over the period.

“Additional profit from parts and oil sold was achieved, and the workshop owner was able to reduce lead time, while improving his customer satisfaction and retention.

“As with all recruitment strategies though, relying on temporary technicians to plug the gap, requires deliberation to ensure the right person fits the bill.

“To this end, it is essential that recruiting temporary technicians is built into an annual business strategy so the garage has the flexibility to take on additional work and, ultimately, boost their bottom line.”

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