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Get Organised for a better workflow

When you choose TengTools you immediately stand out from the crowd as an individual who is ready to achieve their goals. TengTools offers hand tools in smart storage solutions for demanding professionals within the automotive, maintenance, and engineering sectors as well as motorsport enthusiasts who aspire to use the same tools as top mechanics around the world.

With over 3,000 products in the wide range, TengTools cater to mechanics and craftsmen within industry, workshops, engineering, and automotive sectors.

Nothing is more frustrating than wasting time looking for the right tool for the job. Organising your tools in suitable storage will help you to streamline your workflow and increase job satisfaction. Success is born out of organisation.

The TengTools Tool Control System offers more than 240 modular toolsets that fit into a wide selection of storage solutions from large cabinets and toolboxes to small portable service cases. This makes it easy to create a bespoke tool kit that suits your exact needs. ‘Get Organised’ in 3 simple steps. Choose your storage, choose your tool trays, click together – Get Organised.

Benefits of a well-organised tool solution

INCREASED EFFICIENCY: No more time wasted searching for tools and a more streamlined workflow reduces the total time needed to get the job done.

IMPROVED QUALITY: Always having the right tool at hand prevents material damage (e.g. deformed screws and bolts)

REDUCED COSTS: With our tool control system you don’t have to waste money on tools you don’t need and will lose fewer tools resulting in lower replacement costs.

IMPROVED SAFETY: With a well-organised tool kit it is easy to spot if any tool is missing. It ensures that no tool is left behind that can cause damage to machinery or injuries to personnel.

When you choose TengTools you can be guaranteed the highest quality tools that are proven to be better than most leading brands in independent tests. TengTools offer one of the widest selection of tools, all manufactured to exceed industry standards, in a complete Tool Control System designed to improve safety and boost efficiency. You can tailor your tool kit to suit your exact needs. When you Get Organised with TengTools you spend less time searching for tools and more time using them.

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