TEXA introduces new mid-range air conditioning charging station

R134a and R1234yf versions available with the option to change configurations

The KONFORT 712R is TEXA’s new air conditioning charging station, boasting automatic maintenance service management and the measuring of the amount of oil recovered with the electronic scale.

The mid-range offering can be purchased for either R134a or R1234yf with the option to change the configuration.

Other distinctive features of the KONFORT 712R compared to the other models in its category, is the possibility to install the refrigerant identifier kit and to use it in combination with REC+, the innovative device patented by TEXA for the recovery of contaminated refrigerants from the vehicle A/C systems.

A TEXA spokesperson said: “[The] KONFORT 712R is the ideal solution because with a limited investment the mechanic can have a station with exclusive features and top class performance, ensuring customers a high level of service over time.”


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