TEXA’s KONFORT air conditioning service stations are “ideal workshop solutions”

TEXA’s KONFORT 700 series allows technicians to diagnose, maintain and recharge air conditioning systems in cars, heavy goods vehicles and buses

All service stations in the KONFORT range are covered by eight international patents with a 95% efficiency for refrigerant recovery.

Texa says that there is an option in the KONFORT range to suit every workshop’s needs, allowing fully automatic recovery on both R134a and R1234yf refrigerants.

The top of the range 780R BI-GAS incorporates two separate tanks and circuits for recovery, recycling and recharging which allows it to function with both refrigerants simultaneously.

The entire recharge process is completely automatic thanks to the hermetically sealed oil tanks, a scale locking and release system as well as automatic refrigerant weighing.

The 780R is the ideal solution for workshops dealing with new and old vehicles regularly and can be customised with optional extras.

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