The Parts Alliance develops free vehicle inspection offer for garages

Checklist helps to ensure vehicles with 6-month MOT extension are still reliable and roadworthy

The Parts Alliance has developed a vehicle inspection sheet that can be downloaded by garages for free.

In an environment in which motorists may elect to extend their MoT by six months, the checklist enables technicians to offer a free inspection of critical components and provide their customers with peace of mind that their vehicle is roadworthy or highlight issues that require urgent attention.

Technicians that download the inspection sheet can use it to review a range of components
including tyres, brakes, lights, wiper blades, under bonnet fluids, battery and oil level.

The condition of the various components can be marked red, amber or green, with those marked red requiring urgent attention.

There’s also space on the sheet to provide an estimate for any remedial work.

It’s likely that the number of tests taken this Spring and Summer will decline following the government’s decision to extend MoT’s due from 30 March onwards by 6 months.

Motorists may also be tempted to skip their regular service, particularly with job security and future incomes under threat.

It’s against this backdrop that the Parts Alliance has developed the inspection sheet.

“Whilst motorists may choose to delay their MoT or postpone a service over the coming months, they will still want to drive a safe and reliable car,” said head of marketing, Simon Moore.

“Offering a free vehicle inspection enables your customers to have confidence that their vehicle is safe, with the potential to provide revenue from any urgent repairs or maintenance.”

“The lockdown provides another reason that motorists should be keen for their vehicle to be

“An extended period of infrequent use can have an adverse effect on many components,
such as batteries.

“The longer the lockdown continues, the greater the risk of component damage.”

A range of banners for garages to advertise the free inspection on social networks such as
Facebook has also been provided by The Parts Alliance.

“We recognise that the COVID-19 outbreak could result in garages facing a difficult trading
environment in the short term at least,” stated Moore.

“The vehicle inspection sheet is just one of several marketing resources we’ve developed recently that garages can use during the crisis and beyond.

“They’re all available on the dedicated COVID-19 section of our website.”

For further information on The Parts Alliance, click here.


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