The Parts Alliance encourages battery testing during lockdown and beyond

Vehicles across the country have been standing idle since the lockdown to limit the transmission of Covid-19 began in late March. One possible consequence of this unprecedented period of low vehicle use is a wholesale decline in the condition of batteries amongst Britain’s stationary vehicles.

The continual drain on the battery from in-vehicle electrical systems and alarms, along with natural loss in charge could result in significant numbers of batteries requiring recharging or replacement in the coming months.

It is against this backdrop that The Parts Alliance is encouraging garages to proactively offer a battery testing service to their customers. In support the nationwide distributor has developed a range of battery testing material that can be downloaded for free here from its website.

“Field research in 2017 conducted by Yuasa, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of batteries, showed that in 1 of 10 vehicles in the UK had a battery that needed replacing, whilst 1 in 4 batteries needed recharging,” said Simon Moore, Head of Marketing at The Parts Alliance.

“Given these statistics relate to normal circumstances, it’s anticipated that the percentage of batteries requiring replacement or recharging is likely to be considerably higher following the lockdown.

“Therefore, we encourage garages to test as many batteries as possible.”

Amongst the material the Parts Alliance have developed for garages to advertise battery testing, customers can download free battery test posters, a battery test form and digital advertising banners for use on social media such as Facebook.

The Parts Alliance believes those garages that embrace battery testing could increase their sales as a result.

“Yuasa estimate a garage that in normal trading conditions sees 100 vehicles a month could earn almost £15,000 per year from new batteries and charging,” said Simon. “Due to the lockdown the potential to increase revenue from frequent battery testing is likely to be much higher.”

The Parts Alliance are keen to remind garages that batteries failing due to prolonged vehicle inactivity are not covered by warranty. A period of short, infrequent journeys or a length of time when a vehicle is not being used can cause a battery to fail rapidly. This type of failure is service related and not due to manufacturing defect, so is not covered by the battery’s warranty.

Garages keen to develop their knowledge of batteries, including battery testing, are encouraged to enrol on the GS Yuasa Academy. It features over 20 detailed training courses, offering best practice advice, covering every step of a battery’s ‘journey’- from leaving the shelf, through ongoing maintenance, to end of service life.

Training can be completed at any pace, with each course module only taking a few minutes to complete and users can leave the site and return to pick up where they left off at any time. All courses are accredited by the CPD Certification Service. Any Parts Alliance customer wishing to register onto the Academy should contact their local branch, who will oversee the process on their behalf.


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