The Parts Alliance shares tips for protecting customers and staff during COVID-19

The recommendations can also be found on the dedicated COVID-19 section of the Parts Alliance website

The Parts Alliance has produced a list of COVID-19 focused garage health and safety tips that owners can follow to protect their customers and staff during the current outbreak.

Following the suggestions will help garages adhere to social distancing guidelines and good hygiene practices.

Remind About Self Isolation

  • Regularly remind staff to only come into work if they are well and no-one in their household is self-isolating

Implement Social Distancing

  • Encourage customers and staff to keep 2 metres between each other
  • Limit the number of customers within your premises. This may require customers to wait outside, whilst observing the 2 metres separation
  • Equally, staff should stay 2 metres apart where possible
  • Place brightly coloured tape on the floor of your reception area to mark a 2 metres space to your reception counter

Receive Car Keys and Fobs Safely

  • Wear disposable latex/nitrile gloves when receiving keys/fobs
  • Encourage customers to provide only their key or fob, as this can be easily sanitised with antibacterial wipes or spray
  • For the key/fob to be transferred without contact, customers should place it onto a surface or container, and then step back to maintain social distancing. The surface or container itself should be frequently sanitised.

Sanitise Vehicles Before and After Repair

  • Wear disposable latex/nitrile gloves when working on vehicles and change them between each vehicle
  • Before turning on the vehicle ignition, switch off air conditioning systems to limit anything being airborne inside the cabin
  • The most frequently touched areas of the vehicle should be thoroughly sanitised before any work starts – these include the steering wheel, gear stick, door handles, handbrake, indicator and wiper stalks, light switches, window switches, seat buckles and entertainment systems. Once work has been completed, sanitise the same areas again
  • The car key/fob should be sanitised as well before being returned to the customer

Request Card Payment Where Possible

  • Request card payment where possible
  • Wear disposable latex/nitrile gloves for any cash transactions
  • Remember to maintain social distancing whilst the customer is making payment

Practice Good Hygiene

  • Provide antibacterial hand wash or soap in all toilets
  • Encourage staff to frequently wash their hands with antibacterial hand wash or soap for at least 20 seconds
  • Remind staff not to touch their eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid sharing mugs / glasses
  • Provide disposable cups for customers
  • Regularly empty bins

Download Free Posters for Your Workshop

A range of COVID-19 orientated health and safety posters and material can be freely downloaded from the Parts Alliance website.

This includes:

For further COVID-19 guidance, click here.


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