Valeo ClimSpray receives “virucide” certification and proves effective against coronaviruses

Solution used in Valeo ClimSpray receives certification from independent medical laboratory for its compliance with European biocide efficacy standards

The product, which disinfects and purifies vehicle cabins, has the ability to neutralize viruses (including coronaviruses), bacteria and fungi.

Valeo ClimSpray comes as a spray that can be used by anyone.

It has an automatic effect: once sprayed in the cabin, it disinfects the vehicle’s interior in 15 minutes flat.

The product has the dual advantage of not only preventing the spread of infectious microbes at the source, but also releasing a pleasant fragrance.

Valeo ClimSpray is suitable for use on both plastic and rubber and does not leave any traces or stains behind.

Since helping improve air quality is a key innovation focus for Valeo, the Group also offers a second product, Valeo ClimPur, designed for use by professionals in vehicle maintenance and servicing.

This product is diffused via the vehicle’s ventilation circuit to purify the air conditioning system.

It cleans, disinfects and protects, while also preventing corrosion from evaporation, eliminating unpleasant odors and filling the cabin with a pleasant scent.

Valeo ClimPur’s unique microscopic formulation and its ultra-fine droplets mean that the product is distributed evenly, ensuring a steady flow through the air conditioning circuit.

The product is non-flammable, which guarantees safety for operators in vehicle workshops.

Valeo has also developed a range of comprehensive solutions for the end-to-end treatment of vehicles’ ventilation circuits.

Installing Valeo’s cabin filters in a vehicle creates a powerful shield against pollutants, pathogens, pollen and allergens.

Valeo’s offering of cabin filters comprises several ranges, the latest of which can block up to 97% of microparticles of 0.5 μm and above while delivering 99% efficacy against contaminants and viruses (tested according to ISO 18184).

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