Valeo clutch webinar discusses clutch grease contamination

Live session highlights the most common clutch fitting error and best fitment practices

The Valeo webinar took place on Wednesday 6 May 6 and covered ‘how to avoid clutch grease contamination’.

Clutch grease contamination is the number one cause of clutch failure, according to Valeo Service UK.

Technicians learned the correct type of clutch grease to use and the importance of using it, how to apply clutch grease to components correctly in order to avoid potential clutch failure.

The session also explained the consequences of using the incorrect fitting practices when it comes to clutch grease.

A Valeo spokesperson said: “There are many different methods and many different tools available when performing a clutch change on a vehicle.

“As it can be a time consuming, and therefore cost consuming job, its important that no fitting errors are made.

“In this webinar we look at how to avoid making the most common fitting error and the best fitment practices when it comes to applying clutch grease.”

The webinar is now available to watch on demand.

For further information and to register for free to watch the webinar, click here.


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