Valeo launches Tech@ssist

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Technical information and assembly instructions available on new Valeo platform

Valeo has announced the launch of Tech@ssist, a new freely accessible service for workshops.

Valeo say technicians can save time and avoid errors when looking for technical information and assembly instructions on Tech@ssist – all without spending a penny and without registering.

A replacement parts database helps repairers spend less time on the computer.

With this service, a professional can easily find all the information he needs on more than 45,000 references.

Searches can be made by product reference, type of vehicle (make, model or version), vehicle identification number (VIN code).

For each product reference, Valeo offers free, fast, free and registration-free access to all the relevant technical documentation: assembly instructions, technical bulletins, data sheets, photos, videos and tutorials.

A Valeo spokesperson said: “Today, parts and products are constantly evolving for better performance.

“And with such a variety of references on the market, it is not always easy for auto repair professionals to find what they are looking for.

“Valeo therefore decided to interview 600 distributors and garages in five different countries.

“Based on their feedback, we identified the online services that would be most useful to these professionals on a daily basis.

“The result of this work is Tech@ssist.”

The Tech@ssist library allows professionals to consult more than 5,000 up-to-date documents and resources, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on smartphone, tablet or computer.

In addition, Tech@ssist will continue to evolve according to the needs of its users.

The database is constantly updated by Valeo’s TechCare experts who, based on their analysis of the calls received, create technical content to answer the most frequently asked questions.

More than 50 e-trainings are available on the Tech@ssist training platform.

With the Valeo Technical Trainers presenting at least one webinar a week throughout 2022, Valeo ensures attendees are kept up to date on the latest products, technologies and best fitment practices.

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