Valeo set to host air conditioning webinars

ClimFill machine range and five common A/C issues to be discussed

Valeo has announced that its next webinar is set to take place on Wednesday 21 July at 10.00am.

Technicians can register now to watch the online training entitled ‘Valeo A/C ClimFill machines and five common A/C issues’.

A Valeo spokesperson said: “In the last few years, the air conditioning market has been very dynamic.

“Air conditioning systems have almost become a standard, 90 per cent of new vehicles sold in Europe are now equipped with air conditioning.

“In parallel, the A/C garage equipment business states an increasing demand for maintenance and repair work.

“In order to make the most of a growing market and to bring more productivity, Valeo has developed a comprehensive and competitive range of ClimFill air conditioning service stations that allows speedy recovery and replacement of AC refrigerant gasses.

“In this webinar, we look at each ClimFill machine in the range, the best in class technology they incorporate as well five common air conditioning issues we see each season at Valeo Service UK.”

The 20-minute webinar explains the difference in design and operations between Valeo ClimFill Easy, Pro and Maxi machines, the technology and components available that make automatic refrigerant replacement easy and common issues seen when using a A/C regas station, including vehicle issues and wider automotive sector issues.

For further information, please click here.


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