Valeo to host oxygen sensor webinar

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Online training to explain how they work and why they fail

Valeo is to host an oxygen sensor webinar on Wednesday May 25.

The 40-minute webinar will cover the main types of oxygen sensors used and how they differ.

Viewers will gain an understanding about how the oxygen sensor circuit works, how to check for faults and how to recognise symptoms of a failing oxygen sensor.

A Valeo spokesperson said: “Since the introduction of the catalytic converter the oxygen sensor has been used to measure the amount of oxygen that is in the exhaust gases.

“It uses this information to see how efficiently the engine is operating and adjust the air and fuel mixture accordingly.

“As emissions regulations get even more stringent we are investigating one of the integral controls of the emissions system, the oxygen sensors.

“We will look into how the sensors operate and assist the engine management system to ensure the optimum fuel to air ratio for the engine and therefore ensure the emissions are as low as possible.”

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