Valeo to reveal major innovations at IAA Mobility 2021

Six new advancements for safer and cleaner mobility

Valeo has announced that it will present its latest innovations at the IAA Mobility 2021 from September 7 to 12.

2021 has already been a historic year for mobility, marking the launch of the first car in the world to reach level 3 autonomy – equipped with Valeo’s LiDAR technology.

Level 3 autonomy can only be achieved using 3D LiDAR technology combined with a series of sensors.

At the IAA Mobility 2021, Valeo will present an autonomous parking system (Automated Valet Parking) developed in collaboration with BMW, which allows a car to park itself in a parking lot.

Valeo will also showcase its Valeo Drive4U autonomous car, which will drive in automated mode on open roads in and outside the city of Munich (on the Blue Lane), reaching level 4 autonomy.

It is equipped exclusively with Valeo sensors that are already in series production (LiDARs, cameras, radars, ultrasonic sensors, etc.).

This prototype vehicle can handle urban and suburban traffic, traffic jams, intersections, traffic circles, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings and road works.

It is equipped with two other safety-enhancing features: a Valeo Drive4U Locate system, which pinpoints the vehicle’s location on the road with centimeter-level precision, whereas the margin of error with a standard GPS system is up to five meters; and a Valeo system which, using artificial intelligence, anticipates the movements of vulnerable people around the car and brakes before they have even moved.

Valeo is presenting a series of technologies in Munich that transform vehicles into a sort of “health shield”.

It will also demonstrate a brand new system for monitoring vital signs, which can be used to assess health risks.

Visibility systems such as lighting and wiper systems, areas in which Valeo is world leader, are also a powerful driver of improved road safety.

Valeo’s new smart lighting systems are becoming valuable driving assistance features.

These headlamps are capable of tracing the shape of the road and indicating upcoming turns in the driver’s field of vision, making driving at night or in the rain safe and easy.

The rear lamps, which are connected to the vehicle’s cameras and surroundings via the 5G network, signal hazards by displaying safety messages visible to all road users.

The other major challenge of mobility is protecting the environment.

CO2 emissions reduction and protecting the environment are part of Valeo’s DNA.

Valeo has invested more than 10 billion euros in this field over the past 10 years.

As the European Commission formalizes new measures to further reduce carbon emissions and mark a radical transformation in mobility, Valeo is already in the starting blocks.

Valeo can electrify all types of vehicles, including cars, as well as all kinds of new urban mobility solutions: bikes, scooters, delivery droids etc.

Valeo’s technological electrification platforms cover all segments and uses, from affordable 48V solutions to the most powerful systems – thanks to the products it has developed as part of the Valeo-Siemens eAutomotive joint venture.

The IAA Mobility 2021 will feature the flagship vehicle from the premium German automaker’s electrified range, powered entirely by a Valeo-Siemens eAutomotive system (motors, transmission and inverter).

The car’s thermal system, for batteries and air conditioning also come from Valeo.

At the Munich event, Valeo will present the world premiere of new charging stations suitable for all types of electric vehicles, regardless of their voltage, and that offer intelligent energy management features (charging when electricity is cheapest or when it comes from a green source such as solar panels or wind power).

Innovation is at the heart of Valeo’s strategy.

In 2020, 94 per cent of Valeo’s original equipment sales were generated by technologies that reduce CO2 emissions and increase road safety, while 56 per cent of the orders received were for technologies that did not exist three years ago.

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