Valeo webinar to reveal how to check EGR valve functionality

Online training to cover pneumatic and electronic EGR valves

Valeo is set to host a new EGR valve webinar on Wednesday 19 May at 10.00am.

The 20 minute webinar and explain the difference in design between a pneumatic and electronic EGR valve and how to perform simple bench tests on both pneumatic and electric EGR valves.

The session will also cover best practices when replacing an EGR valve

A Valeo spokesperson said: “Several weeks ago, we took a look at the main cause of EGR valve failure we see at Valeo Service UK and how to avoid it. During the webinar, we briefly looked at how to test an EGR valve for functionality.

“In this webinar, we will look closer at the two main types of EGR valve, a brief overview of their technology, and how to perform simple bench tests to check they are functioning correctly.”

The webinar will also available to watch on demand one hour after the live session.

For further information and to register to watch the webinar then click here.

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