Volkswagen ID.4 gets Monroe suspension technology

Solution engineered to address increased inertial loads encountered on vehicles equipped with battery packs

The Volkswagen ID.4 crossover SU, the second model in the automaker’s new series of all-electric vehicles, features for Europe and China an optional continuously variable semi-active suspension with external valve (CVSAe) technology from Tenneco.

The CVSAe system is one of several advanced suspension technologies available within Tenneco’s Monroe intelligent suspension portfolio.

It is engineered to address the increased inertial loads encountered on vehicles equipped with battery packs and is also featured as an option on the Volkswagen ID.3 hatchback, now available in Europe.

CVSAe semi-active dampers include several design and construction features that extend load capacity and damping force tuning range for vehicles equipped with lithium-ion battery packs.

The added weight of EV batteries can increase damping requirements in a variety of driving situations. CVSAe technology automatically applies added damping force in these situations to reduce body pitch, or “brake dive,” while maintaining outstanding ride comfort.

The system senses and continuously adapts to changing road and driving conditions via four electronically controlled dampers.

An electronic control unit (ECU) processes various sensor inputs and adjusts the electronic valve to individually control the performance of each damper.

The driver can select a preferred driving mode, either Comfort or Sport, to experience the desired ride and handling characteristics.

“CVSAe technology helps elevate the driving experience, whether in an urban environment, on a highway or a winding road,” said Henrik Johansson, vice president and general manager, advanced suspension technologies at Tenneco.

“We are confident that consumers who choose these new Volkswagen models will enjoy the differentiated ride and handling of our proven, highly versatile suspension.”

Manufactured at Volkswagen Group’s Zwickau, Germany, facility, the ID.4 offers an extensive range of modern, driver-focused technologies, including voice-activated controls, heads-up display projected onto the windshield, touchscreen infotainment system and more.

CVSAe suspension technology from Tenneco is featured in more than 40 popular vehicle models.

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