Watch: ‘Ground-breaking’ DPF cleaner granted patent as motorists saved millions in replacement parts

Patent-approved Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner to prevent inferior copycats being bought or sold anywhere in UK

The Parts Alliance has confirmed that a design patent has been granted for Vetech’s ground-breaking DPF Professional Cleaner, which to-date has treated over 100,000 DPFs and saved motorists millions in replacement parts.

The patent means other ‘copy-cat’ DPF cleaning products can no longer be legitimately bought or sold in the UK.

Vetech’s DPF Professional Cleaner is applied after removing the DPF from the vehicle.

It’s then filled with the cleaner which breaks down and loosens the diesel residues that can contaminate and block the filters, leaving them to simply be rinsed away.

The pour-in liquid has been shown to remove all visible dirt, soot and ash trapped in the filter cores, returning DPFs to over 95 per cent of their ‘as new’ capacity.

Since launched in 2015, the product has been a strong seller for The Parts Alliance, making the decision to invest in legal advice to secure design protection rights relatively straightforward.

Changing the landscape of DPF cleaning solutions

John Wright, product marketing director at The Parts Alliance, explained: “This product really has changed the landscape of DPF cleaning solutions.

“We feel there’s a responsibility as the trail-blazers to ensure garages avoid inferior copy products claiming to perform the same job.

“It is unparalleled in its effectiveness; we simply don’t hear cases where it hasn’t worked – often drivers will have tried numerous other treatments before finding ours actually works.

Tech making life easier for garages

“Unfortunately, as word spread and sales increased, it was only a matter of time before attempts were made to bring sub-standard alternatives to the market and this patent will help to rid the market of the imitators.”

Before The Parts Alliance launched Vetech DPF Professional Cleaner, garages relied heavily on either pour-in or machine-based treatments.

This cleaner requires no new garage equipment and has been proven to completely clean DPFs restoring ‘as new’ performance levels.

For more information or to order, please contact your local branch of The Parts Alliance here.


  1. Well that’s a load of rubbish, this isn’t new ground breaking cleaner at all, DPF cleaning is a market that has been around for a few years now, everybody is doing it, & its way less efficient than the JLM products I use! JLM is done within 90 minutes without removing the DPF & good profit margin, with this Vetech fluid you have to remove the DPF (which on some vehicles are difficult) & wait 12 hours! Then what do you do with the fluid afterwards? Far more waste than JLM Products! I’m not endorsing JLM either, they created a great product that works very well & efficient. Not a fan of this product.


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