ZF Aftermarket launches mental health initiative to protect employee wellbeing

New medical room opened at Wrexham site

ZF Aftermarket is making employee wellbeing a priority with its latest mental health initiative.

The company has opened a new medical room at its site in Wrexham, offering its employees a place to go if they are experiencing mental health illness.

Along with this, ZF has also assigned a team of mental health first aiders to help support staff members.

The new medical room is spilt into two areas: a mental wellbeing area and general first aid area.

The first half of the room is to be used for occupational health services and a place for first aid to be administered in case of injury.

The other half of the room is a more informal space to assist when anyone is emotionally distressed and needs mental health support.

Here, conversation is encouraged in a safe and calm place with some privacy to bring tranquility and peace.

Lloyd Williams, HR Officer at ZF Aftermarket said: “Looking after employee welfare has always been key at ZF.

“The coronavirus pandemic has seen a sharp rise in mental health issues and pressures and so ZF’s new mental health first aiders team and medical room has provided us with an opportunity to develop a better mental health support network for our employees.”

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