ZF Services celebrates Global Reman Day with its eight millionth caliper

Remanufacturing process at Centre of Excellence in Wrexham

ZF Services Ltd has kicked 2021 off in style, producing its eight millionth remanufactured caliper, highlighting the continued importance of remanufacturing on Global Reman Day on 8th April.

The aftermarket remanufacturer has grown considerably to become an established braking specialist within the automotive industry, which is highlighted with this landmark achievement.

Carrying out its remanufacturing processes at its Centre of Excellence in Wrexham means ZF Services can eliminate the impact of transportation and the brand is protected from the potential risk of extra tariffs when importing due to Brexit.

This growth, thanks to its continual investment in research and development at its UK base, enables the brand to successfully refine its processes and ensure every unit is of the highest possible quality before entering the market.

As an example, when remanufacturing calipers, ZF Services only reuses the core, having been subject to strict acceptance criteria and undergoing a stringent quality remanufacturing process that involves its inspection, dismantling, cleaning, rebuild and test.

ZF Services calipers are also electroplated with a chrome 6 free finish to extend the life of the caliper.

All wearing parts are replaced with brand new components and the caliper housing is also given a corrosion resistant, zinc-plated finish that abides by current EU legislation.

The caliper is then pressure tested to strict quality guidelines, with batch marking being used for essential traceability.

ZF Services is committed to remanufacturing high-quality components, which takes place at its Wrexham-based facility 24 hours a day, five days a week.

Paul Davies, senior manager of operations at ZF Services Ltd Wrexham, said: “We’re incredibly proud to roll out our eight millionth caliper right here in the UK, as it highlights our continued commitment to supporting the local community, while only providing customers with quality products.

“UK remanufacturing remains as relevant and economically important as ever.

“We are very grateful to our employees, customers and the rest of the supply chain who have contributed towards this success and look forward to remanufacturing the next eight million calipers.”

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