DVSA outlines changes to MOT policy

COVID-19 temporary policy changes confirmed as garages prepare for significant increase in testing demand

The DVSA has updated its COVID-19 temporary policy for inspection procedures, test certificates and viewing areas.

In a special notice released earlier this week, the DVSA acknowledged that MOT testing can now be conducted safely during the pandemic, provided garages follow government guidance.

It follows an earlier announcement by the Department for Transport (DfT) that mandatory testing is to return on 1 August.

Inspection changes

The DVSA has now confirmed that the use of an assistant is not currently required for front suspension checks, unless the tester identifies “indicators of a defect”.

Where assistants are needed, and safe distance is not possible then government guidance should be followed on safety precautions to take.

The agency advises that testers should keep time spent close to the assistant as short as possible and encourages the use of face coverings.

Equipment calibration

Where MOT equipment cannot be calibrated, the DVSA authorises continued testing if the equipment is functioning normally and correctly and authorised examiners have documented evidence that they are unable to provide a calibration.

Where anytest equipment is not functioning correctly or is unsafe, irrespective of its calibration status, testing must cease immediately.

Test certificates

Garages do not currently have to provide a paper VT20 pass certificate, unless the customer makes a specific request to have one.

However, the DVSA states that a paper VT30 fail certificate should always be issued.

MOT Viewing areas

Viewing areas can remain closed until further notice.

The agency also acknowledges that some garages may also close or modify service reception and customer waiting areas, possibly restricting access to the Mot notice board.

The number of tests is expected to overtake pre-exemption demand in August and is forecast to continue rising before reaching a peak around October/November when the volume of tests is expected to be 200 per cent above normal levels.

DVSA data suggests testing won’t return to normal levels until around February 2021 before a significant drop in demand come March, marking one year since the six-month MOT exemption was announced.

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