DVSA update: Motorists need to ensure all vehicle systems work, even if it isn’t covered by MOT

The DVSA has confirmed that motorists are responsibile for all driving systems, including ADAS, while they are not covered by the MOT.

Government body looking to clamp down on MOT fraud through the banning of fraudulent testers as ADAS remains out of scope of MOT.

The DVSA has confirmed to AutoTorque that while their priority is to help all motorists keep their vehicles safe to drive, all vehicle systems that don’t fall under the MOT are the responsibility of drivers to maintain.

In a statement, Neil Barlow, DVSA’s head of vehicle engineering, said: “Drivers should ensure all vehicle systems, regardless of whether they are covered by MOT, work correctly and should get any problems seen to as soon as possible.

“DVSA’s priority is to help everyone keep their vehicle safe to drive.

“Britain’s roads are amongst the safest in the world and the MOT is key to helping them stay that way.

“ADAS does not yet fall within the scope of MOT.

“We’re constantly reviewing the test to ensure it keeps up with changes in vehicle technology.”

Ahead of fresh legislation on both ADAS and dealing with MOT fraud, Barlow explained how action is currently taken against fraudulent MOT testers. He said: “MOT fraud compromises vehicle safety and will not be tolerated.

“There are a range of sanctions that can be carried out against fraudulent MOT testers.

“As well as any legal penalties, DVSA can, and does, ban people guilty for MOT fraud from testing.”


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