MOT testers warned of new phishing scam

Bogus DVSA staff attempting to get MOT login details

The DVSA has issued a warning to testers about a new phishing scam.

The agency has reported cases whereby fraudsters are attempting to get the login details of MOT testers.

Testers have been contacted by someone pretending to be from DVSA, requesting user ID, passwords and potentially other personal information, threatening to immediately cease testing at a VTS for non-compliance.

In a statement, the DVSA said: “It is sometimes really difficult to spot a phishing attack, but DVSA will never ask you for this information.

“The attackers will use a tight deadline, authority and mimicry (pretending to be from DVSA) in order to try to coerce you into divulging your credentials.

“The attempts seem very well scripted, rehearsed and convincing.”

Testing stations that receive suspicious calls should report it by emailing

The DVSA added: “We would like to hear if anyone has been contacted so we can understand what the attackers are trying to do and take further steps to thwart them.

“Information will be treated in the strictest confidence.

“Remember, think before you give out details which could be sensitive, seek advice from DVSA if you aren’t sure, and don’t panic if you do give out details.”

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