Police issue warning amid lockdown MOT confusion

MOT test is a “requirement”, officers say after issuing fixed penalty notice

DORSET Police has issued an urgent MOT warning to drivers amid confusion following last year’s six-month MOT extension.

In a post on Facebook, Dorset Police warned penalty notices would be issued to drivers without the right paperwork in place.

They said: “MOT, it is a requirement. It ensures your vehicle is in roadworthy condition.

“The car below did not have one. Fixed penalty issued.

“Given the weather, it is even more essential your vehicle is in good working order to keep you safe.

“We get a lot of calls from the public reporting people for not having a valid MOT certificate.

“Please bear in mind that between 30th March 2020 and 31st July 2020 drivers were given a six-month extension to their MOT certificates.

“Unsure as to whether your MOT is valid? Then please visit the www.gov.uk website.”

Despite DVSA clarification that MOT testing stations can remain open, some garage owners now fear a possible reintroduction of another MOT extension, a move which saw many workshops forced to close during the first lockdown last year – despite being granted permission to remain open.

The extension ended on August 1, 2020, and from this date drivers had to ensure their cars have valid MOT certification, prompting significant demand on MOT services in recent weeks.

The rules allowed an extension to MOT expiry dates from the end of March 2020.

An extension was not granted for MOTs during the second lockdown and is unlikely to be granted for the latest national lockdown.

The latest guidance states that “vehicle repair and MOT services” in England and Scotland can remain open.

Garages in Wales, which remains at ‘alert level four’, can also remain open.


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