A2A Exhaust Excellence

There’s nothing worse than trying to fit an aftermarket exhaust that doesn’t quite… well, fit. Not only does it take longer, but there’s every chance you’ll soon be seeing your customer again because they can’t take the knocking noise from that ill-fitting exhaust any more.

A2A exhausts are different. They’re made to exacting OE standards to ensure they perform and fit just like the genuine item. That means the same shaped box, tail pipes, headed wire hangers, mating and flange fixing sizes as the original. The result, an aftermarket exhaust you can fit with complete confidence.

A2A exhausts are manufactured to the same high quality and on the same production line as OE exhausts. They are produced with full ISO 9001 approval on the manufacturing system and type approval on selected ranges.

From a simple wire hanger to a complex, fully approved exhaust for a new vehicle, the system guiding the product through the manufacturing plant remains the same. By fully understanding customer requirements and technical data, A2A exhausts are a first class product, available at the right price and to the correct quality specification.

What’s Inside the Box?

At first glance, two exhausts from different brands can look the same. However, after taking a closer look, you’ll be surprised at just how much they can vary. Here’s what we found, when we compared an A2A exhaust against another brand in the marketplace.


  • Blanks off gas flow at both inlet and outlet chambers so gas passes
    through acoustic packing material 3 times.
  • Perforated baffles mean as gas enters its 3rd pass of the insert, 100%
    of the Biosil becomes available to reduce noise further.
  • Results in lower noise than even OE during testing.
  • Correct backpressure means lower fuel consumption.

Other Brand

  • Cheap design that simply restricts gas flow at inlet into an empty chamber, then allows gas to pass through one end of acoustic material.
  • Combined with the lack of internal volume results in poor sound.
  • Increased fuel consumption due to incorrect backpressure



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