Polyurethane suspension bushes for greater longevity and performance

Polybush is the world leader in polyurethane suspension bushes.

Benefits of Polybush parts include:

✓ Greater longevity and performance than rubber bushes
✓ Fit and forget
✓ Increased tyre life
✓ Constant ride and handling

The partnership with The Parts Alliance means you can now offer your customers long-lasting suspension bushes. The advantages of a longer lasting quality product to the end consumer are many and well established; the advantages Polybush offer your business are even greater:

  • Increased margins
  • Greater profits
  • Reduced labour time
  • Customer loyalty
  • Quicker vehicle turnaround
  • Increased customer retention

Polybush bushes fitted to Tesco & Asda Iveco Daily fleets

Case Study

Premature failure of original rubber bushes was causing the supermarket giants excessive workshop and downtime costs, as rubber bushes had to be replaced every 6 to 9 months. With only a 1% spare vehicle capacity, a huge reduction in failure rate was required.

Polybush redesigned and manufactured new bushes, offering a cost-effective, long-lasting solution. Tesco’s fleet of 3,500 Iveco Daily vans has now been fitted with Polybush bushes, with the Asda fleet fitting now underway.


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