Ring launches Xenon200 bulb

New upgrade bulbs launching in Ring’s newly designed 100 per cent recyclable packaging

As the nation returns to normality, more people are heading on staycations and making road trips to see family, friends and business acquaintances.

The latest launch from Ring offers drivers up to 200 percent more light on the road ahead, improving visibility.

The Xenon200 bulb range from Ring has a longer beam to allow motorists to see potential hazards and other motorists earlier.

Ring’s newest bulb also provides up to 3700K colour temperature meaning a whiter look in the headlamp and better reflections of road markings and signs for safer driving.

Upgrading to Ring’s Xenon200 bulb is easy as these E approved, road legal bulbs do not require changes to vehicle wiring, offering instant improvements in visibility.

As the UK gets out and about on the roads post lockdown and are able to enjoy staycations this summer, Ring is encouraging drivers to check their lights when looking over their vehicle before a journey.

Ring Xenon200 bulb key features:

– Ring’s brightest performance headlamp bulb

– Up to 200 per cent more light on the road ahead allowing drivers to see more

– See and be seen with a longer beam pattern

– Better visibility of road markings and signs

– Up to 3700K colour temperature meaning a whiter look in the headlamp compared to a standard bulb

– No changes to vehicle wiring required

By putting up to 200 percent more light on the roads with the new Xenon200 bulbs, motorists can enjoy a crisp, whiter light and high-power beam to ensure a comfortable and safe driving experience.

The Xenon200 bulbs will be launched in Ring’s brand new, 100% recyclable packaging.

The new design and pack style is part of Ring’s mission to become greener and more sustainable to help the planet. Ring’s Xenon200 bulbs will be the first product range launched in the environmentally friendly packaging with future products following suit in the coming months and into next year.

Ring’s Xenon200 bulbs are available in H4 and H7 ECE types and will be launched early September. For more information on the range, visit here.


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