BMW timing chain woes continue, BG Automotive reports

BMW 1, 3, 5 Series timing chain rattle between 40,000 and 70,000 miles indicates imminent failure.

BG Automotive has said that “prevention really is better than cure” when it comes to BMW timing chain issues.

In some cases, it is thought that the timing chain lasts the life of the engine, such as that in the BMW N47 engine, where BMW engineers designed the engine so that the timing chain is located at the back, away from an easy service area.

In this case, due to wear, the timing chain begins to rattle between 40,000 to 70,000 miles indicates imminent failure.

A BG Automotive spokesperson said: “When the timing chain does snap, as in most cases this will cause catastrophic damage where the pistons hit the valves, causing them to bend as they collide with the rocker arms.”

The engine must be removed from the vehicle for repair.

BG Automotive supply timing chain part number TC0900FK, as well as inlet valves V166200, exhaust valaves V166211 and rocker arms RA0615.

Upgraded as standard

In the case of BGA’s TC0900FK for the BMW N47, the kit includes uprated specification upper and lower timing chains, oil pump chain, tensioners, guide arms and sprockets.

BGA also include the crankshaft oil seal and a new oil feed pipe too.

Something BGA do to ensure a completely comprehensive kit.

BGA timing chain kits are designed by an experienced technical engineering team.

The spokesperson added: “This kit provides superior quality and installer peace of mind.

“When you open the box you’ll find specific kit instructions and also a reminder that the upgraded 94mm tensioner is included due to BMW’s design succession.

“When replacing components it is best practice to replace all of the associated parts.

“By doing so, the condition of the timing components,which are so critical to the operation of the engine are now all uniform and wear together again, preventing premature wear and failure.”

BGA’s range covers over 350 references and over 7000+ relevant applications making them one of the largest suppliers of timing chain kits in Europe.

To find out more about BG Automotive, click here.


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