Dispelling the Myths Behind Polyurethane Bushes

In the first a three part article Polybush look at perhaps the most frequently mentioned myth…

“Polybushes are too hard”

The most common misconception about Polyurethane bushes is that they are too hard and give a harsh or uncomfortable ride.

This simply isn’t the case. Before a bush is created the mechanical properties of the relevant suspension and the bush itself, including its hardness, are tested to ensure that the new product will meet, or more often than not, surpass the original OE part.

In trust, one of the key characteristics of polyurethane is the range of hardness that can be created.

During manufacturing the hardness can be controlled based on the application and purpose of the product.

So, whilst Polybush’s stiffest grade of polyurethane will give precise steering and a controlled ride at all speeds – ideal solution for fast road driving, track or towing. On the other hand, our more elastic solution will delivers greater longevity and shock absorption than its stiffer counterparts.

If you are new to polyurethane bushings and are unsure of what hardness to choose, then the Polybush website will guide and can recommend the relevant bush required for your application.


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