Independent tests show copy turbos can be 40% down on power

Copy turbos can be 40% down on powerNon-original remanufactured and copy turbos can be 40% down on performance with higher emissions, compared to OE remanufactured units.

Strictly controlled tests
Independent tests by the Millbrook Group compared Garrett 100% OE Original Remanufactured turbochargers with non-OE replacements, including the best-selling copy units imported into the UK. The non-OE turbochargers produced less low-end torque than the Garrett 100% OE equivalent, with higher NOx emissions and more CO2 emissions.

Higher NOx emissions from non-OE turbochargers

Non-OE issues
These tests prove non-OE replacement turbos can be a false economy, causing poor performance, generating warning lights due to incompatibility with the engine management ECU, and leading to MOT failure because of increased emissions.

Only the Garrett remanufactured turbo used entirely OE parts. Non-OE turbos use copy parts, which aren’t guaranteed to match original specifications. They may also be produced without essential calibration equipment, or are simply counterfeits.

BTN TurboBuy peace of mind
Cheap non-OE turbos may look tempting, but they can be a false economy. Get it right first time by choosing a 100% OE replacement.

BTN Turbo stocks over 18,000 turbos for immediate despatch, all of them 100% OE: brand new or remanufactured from the original manufacturers, such as Garrett’s Original Remanufactured range, and all with a two year warranty.



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