Liquid Assets: Highlighting genuine maintenance tasks

Many consumers and vehicle owners are becoming detached from vehicle maintenance. How can we help them, while maximising your service revenues?


  • 46% of consumers “haven’t got a clue what goes on” when their car is serviced
  • 85% of consumers trust the workshop to select parts of the right quality

Some of the fluids that can be checked (usually quite easily!) that will help to maintain both the safe operation of the vehicle and its mechanical integrity.

  • Differential Oils
  • Screenwash &Amp; De-Icer
  • Power Steering Fluid
  • Gearbox Oil
  • Engine Oil
  • Coolant
  • Brake Fluid

Highlighting genuine maintenance tasks that need to be undertaken can be of real benefit to you and the consumer. It is generally accepted that poor maintenance is the no.1 cause of engine failure and in fact many motorists have a relatively low level of awareness when it comes to maintaining their vehicles properly so they rely heavily on the advice and quality of service provided by their expert workshop of choice.


When it comes to engine oil related problems, not using the right oil, exceeding service intervals and
running the vehicle low on oil are the main causes of problems. Hence, all vehicles that come into a workshop should have their engine oil grade, level and service interval checked.

The same maintenance principles described above also apply to antifreeze & coolant. If the wrong oil or coolant grade is being used or the service interval has been exceeded, the safest thing to do might be a complete flush and refill with the right product. This will help removing harmful contaminants before the fluid change and will also inhibit the build-up of harmful deposits in the future. To flush the engine oil system use Flush Out or Petrol & Diesel Engine Flush. To flush the cooling system we recommend
a mixture of deionised water mixed with 15% of the correct coolant.

If the oil or coolant level is low, an immediate top-up is required. Also it’s worth advising your customers that it’s safer to keep a top up pack in the boot and be prepared for an emergency top up, rather than wait for the warning light to come on.

Why not offer your customers a 1 litre top up pack as an added value service item and extra revenue stream for yourself?


You cannot tell the quality of brake fluid simply by looking at it. The best way of determining whether brake fluid is faulty or not is to use a brake fluid tester. There are a number of different types but by far the most reliable are testers that measure the actual boiling point of the fluid.

In a recent study of approximately 750 vehicles, around 33% were measured at below 180°C, which is the minimum recommended boiling point. The risks associated with driving a vehicle with faulty brake fluid
are self-evident and compelling. It’s simply not enough to change brake fluid at the same time as faulty discs or pads.

Like engine oil or coolant, the right brake fluid must be used, should be changed at the manufacturers’ recommended intervals and at any time in between if it is found to be faulty with a brake fluid tester.

So why not offer a brake fluid boiling point test to your customers?



Visibility is vital for the safety of all motorists all year round. Our range of screenwash offers the best option for cleaning performance. It is formulated to effectively remove insect smear, salt and traffic film all year round. Plus, it does not damage wiper blades or rubber seals and is compatible with modern polycarbonate and Plexiglas lights.

Are you checking your customers’ vehicles’ screenwash levels and offering them a top up pack?



These components are also reliant on having the correct fluid at the right amount to ensure the efficient operation of the vehicle. Ensuring these fluids are kept topped up and changed when required will help to maintain the vehicle at its best. Although these items may not be considered as routine services items, some components may have an extended service interval or may need topping up after a repair.


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